The Investigation Web Series Season 1 All Episodes Free Download 720p HD WEB-Dl Quality Encoded In x264 MKV.

The Investigation Web Series Eros Now All Episodes Download 720p HD

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Title: The Investigation Season 1 (Eros Now)
Genres: Crime | Mystery
Country: India
Language: Hindi
Release Date: 5 January 2019
Quality: 720p WEB-DL x264
Audio: AAC
Format: MKV
Size: 879-MB

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The Investigation Web Series Eros Now Episodes Free Download 720p HD The edgy story traces the huge mess crime branch officer Vishal Gaekwad (Hiten) finds himself in, after being forced to investigate a late-night murder of student leader, which he himself may have committed accidently, in a stinking public lavatory over a silly incident of a bar argument.

The body is discovered only the next morning, as the attendant was dead drunk. The scene where the cop makes the former write his details on a piece of paper was reflective of the attitude of khaki personnel towards the weaker sections of society.


The Investigation Eros Now Download Another positive was that it shows the police system as it is. The victim’s friend tries to file a missing person’s complaint before the mandatory 24-hour window and is stonewalled.

An obviously-scared Hiten tries to shut the case, calling it an accidental death; but a leak of the post-mortem report, which suggests a human hand, forces the department to ask him to reopen the case and apprehend the murderer ASAP. Prakash Ramchandani who plays the fellow-cop who finds the body has given a good performance.
The first 2 episodes did not have even one love-making scene and nudity. If this show succeeds too, like ALTBalaji’s Uttarakhand kidnap saga, Apaharan, it will show that you don’t need sex to make a show a success; a good story is enough The Investigation Season 1 Free Download Direct Links.
Also, it will prove that TV stars also have the mettle to carry complex layered characters with élan, and you don’t always need high-paying film stars to save the day.

The Investigation Season 1 720p Download We suspect there will be some link of the victim to Hiten’s estranged wife (Leena Jumani). We wonder why the creative makes her speak only in English, especially if her command over the language is not so good.
The stage is set for a thrilling drama and lots of twists and turns will certainly be the order of the day. Is Hiten really the murderer or did something else happen overnight is the question that pops up in our mind.
It is good to see Hiten playing different characters, apart from the good husband and son that he would do on TV. The Investigation Season 1 Full Episodes Download 720p He is also bringing out the required body language of a cop, complete with the moustache.
There is one issue – though the first 2 episodes did not really open up other possibilities, it would be tough for the writer to focus on suppressing the crime.

The Investigation Web Series Main Cast

  • Leena Jumani
  • Aryamann Seth
  • Hiten Tejwani

The Investigation Season 1 Episodes List:

Episode 1 – An accident or a Murder?
Just another day for ACP Vishal Gaikwad as he investigates a new murder case. Little does he know that his life is about to change.

Episode 2 – The Flashback
It looks like an open and shut case but is there something more to it?

Episode 3 – The Connection
New revelations uncover not just the involvement of drugs but also a relationship that is related to the murder victim.

Episode 4 – The Lost Evidence
An inspector accidentally discovers the killer but will he be able to unveil the truth?

Episode 5 – The Revelation
Fate brings a drug peddler, a college student and a failed marriage together, causing more trouble for ACP Vishal.

Episode 6 – One Down
Corruption makes one a victim of greed. Can ACP Vishal Gaikwad use this to his advantage?

Episode 7 – Two Down
To cover up the murder, the criminal goes back and tampers the evidence to frame somebody else.

Episode 8 – The Interrogation
ACP Vishal conducts the final interrogation as all the evidence points to one person. But is this the real killer?

Episode 9 – The Last One Down
The case is solved and the killer is caught. Will ACP Vishal finally breathe a sigh of relief?

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Some Images Of The Investigation Eros Now Web Series Hindi Episodes 720p WEB-DL x264

The Investigation Web Series Eros Now All Episodes Download 720p HD

The Investigation Web Series Eros Now All Episodes Download 720p HD

The Investigation Web Series Eros Now All Episodes Download 720p HD

The Investigation Web Series Eros Now All Episodes Download 720p HD

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